Absolute Zero
Music and Lyrics: William Fuller

Down chilling tyne toe
In koning tuning force
Low key tach takka tune
Unodin tach takka tune
A dinkin tousand times
Shim shonen touch a tousand times
Don konin nally
Don konin nally
Uhuru koe nah knee taken down
Uhuru koe nah knee taken down
Don konin nally
Don konin nally
Absolute zero
Absolute zero

The Heat of the Hunt
Music: William Fuller
Lyrics: Viola Weinberg (with an assist by William Fuller)

© Viola Weinberg
Arrangement: Sears, Fuller

The wet streets of Paris in sultry June
Walking among cafes at night
A sea of black sweaters and night bain shoes
Just before the goodbye

Writing songs at midnight on the Pont Neuf
With a thick cigarette between my fingers
A gossamer ribbon in your cinnamon hair
The memory - Ah - how it lingers

Lights were blinking on the quay beside
The Seine singing below
A little crystal mirror for dancing drunken sailors
The riffs of ricochet saxophones

They were singing from the Metro in the earth
Gentle breeze and fluttering scarf
Float like xylophone butter from my throat to my shoulders
A silk flag just above my heart

I wandered on inhaling the musk of beautiful whores in their doorways
Noting the men in the heat of the hunt
Sniffing up hemlines and hallways

They were drooling from the corners of absinthe crusted cracks
Night laughter booming but shallow
Like handfuls of fingers on harps made of glass
Like necks yearning for lips on the gallows

Then silence and stones and rugs and bones
And the ripe moon in the sky
A deserted bench by a groaning barge
Just before the goodbye

Comes the Day
Music: Jack Hastings and Draw Pinky
Lyrics: Jack Hastings

When I was a young man
Well, I had my fun
Steal a little lovin'
And then I'd run
Didn't mean any harm, sir
I never killed anyone
When you're just a young man in this world
You gotta take it as it comes

Up in Newkirk
On the Carrow County line
I stole some lovin'
from the sheriff's wife
He caught me runnin'
Went hard on me
Thirty days in the hole
For doin' what comes naturally

Comes the day
Comes the day
Comes the day
I'm gonna have my way
Gonna turn the world around
Gonna turn it upside down
Comes the day
Comes the day

Met a girl named Sally
Over near Carey Creek
I told that I loved her
She said that she loved me
We was gonna get married
I even stole us a ring
And then her daddy said, Son
You'd better run and don't stop to think

Well, I ain't got money
And I ain't found fame
I ain't got nothing
Except my own last name
And they keep me running
Just to stay behind
Got to sell my soul
Just to get a little peace of mind

Hungry Ghosts
Music: Spencer Kimball, William Fuller
Lyrics: Viola Weinberg
© Viola Weinberg

I used to laugh at Sappho
When she fell to middle age
Talking from her bed
And acting like a sage
Now that I am older
Now that I am wide
I know the truth between the teeth
But want the truth between the thighs

Flying with the hungry ghosts
Streaming far above
Revolving like a buzzard
I'm starving for some love
Give me anything that doesn't move
Feed it to me pink and raw
I fly in dark and demon skies
With hungry ghosts who never die

Uglino ate his sons in hell
And never shed a tear
The cardinal's full of fear
The sentence was severe
He burned there in his foolishness
Consuming all he loved
He ate the heart, he ate the brains
He ate the soul and guts

I'm cunning as a hungry ghost
I'm after you my sweet
Inhaling you in passion
And choking with the greed
I've seen you in the mirror
Lifting jugs of cheese
You'll never ever stop the war
Between the tongue and teeth

Bad Wigs
Music and Lyrics: Gary Sears

I can't get off this couch no matter how hard I try
I'm sort of mesmerized by this unblinking eye
The dishes stack up, I haven't done them yet
Just lie here worshipping my television set
I love the game shows, they're the ones I watch the most
I'm sure they'll all agree - Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Just like a Virgin Mary, selling some shampoo
Take this as a compliment, bad wigs look good on you

Trapped behind an eight-inch screen, the colors seem so bright
I like the daytime programming much better than the night
My new religion is the buzzer and the wheel
I can't tell you priests or pimps how good that makes me feel
Now it's time to make your choice, door number one or number two
I don't care what the others say, bad wigs look good on you

I understand the questions but the answers aren't so clear
I'm too distracted by your polyester hair
Our hostess looks so good - so tan, so tall, so sleek
The players roll the dice then turn the other cheek
Look behind the curtain, we've got prizes there galore
I feel more reverent than I ever have before
Looking for salvation with every channel change
I wash my hands and bow my head, I won't do that again
Let's welcome three contestants - Luke, John and Matthew
Everybody's watching, everybody's watching you
Tell me is this Paradise, Purgatory or Voo Doo
The Nielsens don't mean a thing, this bad wig looks good on you

He Takes Himself Away  
Music: William Fuller
Lyrics: Viola Weinberg
© Viola Weinberg

Birds chatter in the first light
All in a dream on this endless night
You think about your life
And turn the other cheek
Extending your arms 'cross your neatly nailed feet

Or maybe you can go with it
The clouds and the sky
The sky it stays constant
The clouds they go by
Or maybe you'll get up and break a brick on your head
Or get in your car and drive dangerously fast

C'mon now honey you know how to take a blow
It's part of your thing. You're tough; we all know
C'mon now honey you know what they say
But what you gonna do when he takes himself away

Tell yourself to go on
Living and dying, all mixed up
All the love that's in you and all the life that's in you
All the joy that's in you and all the pain that's in you
Don't know what to do
Don't know what to do
You're gonna fling yourself right into the abyss
For his spark, for his eyes
His touch, for his kiss

Music and Lyrics: William Fuller

If you see a friend
Falling to the ground
If your friend is in pieces
Lying all around
If your tears come strong
But your spirit's weak
I will hold you
In your grief

When the dream is over
And the promises break
When the song is sickly sweet
And full of lies and heartache
When your smile hurts
And your eyes no longer wanna see
I will hold you
We'll dream another dream in your grief

You can cry
You can scream
You can stumble and tumble
And stall and fall
And look like a fool to me
'Cause when you look up
There I'll be
I will touch your face
And hold you in your grief

When your last hope fizzles
And the end is near
When you see the whites of their eyes
And realize you're looking in the mirror
We will fight together
You and me
I will touch your face
And hold you in your grief

Crystal Lil's Lullabye
Music: William Fuller
Lyrics: Jane Hastings

Come my little dreamlets
Dancing on a stage of stars
Gather 'round you chosen ones
Treasures in a grand bazaar

They want
We take
They need
We give

Folded and forgotten
Like an ancient prayer
Voices crack like sugar
Sticky sweet the air

Sing my precious angels
Our time is oh so brief
Blaze brightly you hungry comets
Devour their cries and their grief

Tick Tock Man
Music: Jack Hastings and Draw Pinky
Lyrics: Jack Hastings

Tick Tock Man, sitting on a wall
Lay another brick, its another day gone
Counting out the minutes
Counting out the hours
Watching the years go by

Check your schedule, punch the clock
Live your life by the digital watch
Listen to the ding dong
Don't be late
Or you'll answer to the Tick Tock Man

Tick tock, eight o'clock
Time to hit the sidewalk, day begins
Don't miss the subway
You've come a long way down

Stopwatch, small talk
In for a big shock, shut your mouth
Man in the mezzanine
Watching on a big screen
Writing all your tin dreams down

Got no future, got no past
The hissing of the sand through the hourglass
Time run slow
And time run fast
At the whim of the Tick Tock Man

Clockwork mainspring mechanical mind
Running so fast, running out of time
Look behind the curtain
And what do you find?
The face of the Tick Tock Man

A Gorgeous Moon
Music and Lyrics: William Fuller

Have you felt the fear that twists your heart
And twists your fate evermore
Have you seen my little brown-eyed girl
Walkin' through the door
She's the one that gives you all you need
The one who makes it right
And I never thought I'd ever see
The things I saw that night

When I saw her I saw my savior's face
She said she'd always be true
Well, you know she told me that perfect lie
Underneath a gorgeous moon

'Twas a time when I could see for miles
With love and joy and hope
But I wished that I was blind that night
At the end of the hangin' rope
Do you blame a man for tears and drink
When you hear the tale I tell
Well, the hypocrites who nod their heads
Can all go to hell

The Bone of a Thigh
Music: William Fuller
Lyrics: Viola Weinberg

© Viola Weinberg

Great leaping flames
A hundred feet high
Huge torch teeth
Biting the sky
Like circles of red birds
Like lips waiting to be kissed
A pulse in the artery
Under the wrist

Yellow smoke towers
Touch the hem of the night
Hazy hot timbers
Pluck sight from the eyes
It smolders so slowly
Then finally the spark
It catches so quickly
The rush of the heart

Fever and sweat
Burn the bone of a thigh
No one can stop it
It's foolish to try
For fire's the beauty
So savage the beast
The breath of its power
Consumes all that it sees

Fire the heat
Fire the force
Unbridled fire
The passionate source
It burns to the water
It's out of control
Fire is melting
The fate of a soul

Hangin' by a Thread
Music and Lyrics: William Fuller

Fortune calls
You got to see your name up on lights
You swore you wouldn't give it up without a fight
But the fight was lost so very long ago
And you don't even know

If I cried
Lonely and hurt, torn up inside
With a laugh that sounded more like a scream each time
Would you turn away embarrassed and afraid
Well, you're not to blame

The fire's getting weaker when you're hangin' by a thread
The candle's burning dimmer when you're hangin' by a thread
When you fall you grab for something
But you're hangin' by a thread
Don't worry

Is it love
Senseless fears, bitter tears, lonely nights
You watch as your friends watch you slip from sight
And your lover doesn't smile much anymore
Ain't life a bore

Is it true
Did the earth move, did the fireworks explode for you
Do my lips bring a tingle to your spine
Is my touch warm and gentle and fine
Or does my touch feel like ice