dRAW PiNKY presents MP3s from members' other groups and projects.

  • song: Anita Escalator
  • featuring: William Fuller
  • group: WiFE (The William Fuller Explosion)


  • song: Jah Mean
  • featuring: Gary Sears, (& James Stewart)
  • group: Dogs
  • album: Wet Fur
  • credits: Written by Gary Sears
    Gary Sears: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keyboards
    James Stewart: Drums
    Dave Jess: Bass
    Lovedogananda: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
  • song: Rabia's Song
  • credits: Traditional
    Gary Sears: Vocals
    Nicole Stewart: Vocals
    Dave Jess: Drums, Bass, Percussion
    Jim Pugh: Organ
    Lovedogananda: Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bongos


  • song: Dreaming
  • featuring: James Stewart
  • group: Landus
  • album: 1st Step
  • credits: Music and Lyrics by James Stewart
    James Stewart: Drums, Percussion
    Dan Rushford: Vocals, Keyboards
    Don Chiles: Guitars
    Bryan Bautista: Bass


  • song: Lost House
  • featuring: Gary Sears
  • group: The Gary Sears Experience



  • song: Android Love
  • featuring: Jack Hastings
  • with: William Fuller, Bob Jolly, Gary Sears
  • group: Ozzie
  • credits: lead vocal, music & lyrics, Jack Hastings
    also featuring Spencer Sparrow and Lenny Schotter