idiot glee

Jesus Convertible
Music, William Fuller
Lyrics, Doug Michaels
Additional Lyrics, William Fuller and Spencer Kimball

If God can talk, what would he say?
Would his good looks give hime away?
If God were human could he be you?
Fresh from Heaven with miracles too

Jesus, Jesus Convertible
Over the sea
Jesus I wanna drive it
I wanna drive it, I do believe

Ska-tuh-chah-a hoo-hoo-cheese-a-chit chit Unh!

Bang bang bang
Nailed again on a vinyl hardtop
Without a friend
If you reach God on the telephone line
Tell him his son can be a friend of mine

Jesus Christ came back late last week
Billions saw him, I heard 'em shriek
If God can talk what will he say?
"You killed my son in a modern way"

I'm So Happy I Could Break a Window
Music and Lyrics, William Fuller

I have watched the battle scenes
And heard you boast and bleat and brag
Yes, you are a patriot
You bought your share of ribbons and flags

You stand tall in victory
And let me know how I was wrong
Just don't tell me how to feel
Is this the storm before the calm?

I'm so happy I could break a window
I'm just filled with idiot glee
I'm so happy I could break a window
I'm gurgling, I'm burping up, I'm spitting up
Just like a baby

You left me on the road for dead
You blessed my corpse with sympathy
You sit there oh so smug and selfish
Proper and perfect with your cup of coffee

Is it love or is it war?
Or do you know the difference
Why can't you make up your mind?
Why can't you just make some sense?

Oh, oh, maybe it's too hard
You don't wanna be, you just can't be wrong
Oh, oh, look into my eyes
Can't you tell a happy man
When you hear a happy song?

The Way of All Flesh
Music and Lyrics, William Fuller

The way of all flesh
The way of all flesh
I could swear my faithfulness with all of my heart
I'd shed my love like a snake in the dark
The temptation is too much for us all
If you see me standing, the chances are I'll fall

The way of all flesh
The way of all flesh
We could stand on a mountain looking out at the sea
We could swear our love would always be
But the temptation is too much for us all
If you saw me standing, the chances are I'd fall

The way of all flesh
The way of all flesh

Scared Cupid
Music, William Fuller
Lyrics, Viola Weinberg 
© Viola Weinberg

Additional Lyrics, William Fuller

You must think I'm really stupid
To go on the way you do
And you must think that I don't notice
The smell of other men on you
And you must think me understanding
As you weave your little lies
And listen to your bedtime stories
Of where you've been and why

I've got fury, I've got brimstone
I've got murder on my mind
You've filled my life with body parts 
And broken hearts and lover's crimes
You don't know what I've been through
And you don't even care
Now it's my turn to be the torturer
I've even got Cupid scared

You must think that you've been subtle
As you've run from man to man
And you are covered in their fingerprints
And stinking from their hands
And I've stood by and I've been silent
As you took me to the brink
Now you're going to pay the price
Your ship of fools is going to sink

And it's not over 'cause I walked away
It's not over just 'cause you apologize
It's not over 'til you twist with pain
It's not over 'til I hear you cry and watch you die

You said I was the special one
The one you'd always love
You said I was the chosen one
An angel from above
That love had shot an arrow your way
But you haven't really got a clue
Happy Valentine's day, baby
It's the gates of hell for you

No Angels
Music, William Fuller
Lyrics, Jane Hastings

Kiss me deep into the dark
Call me by a secret name
Take me home and love me hard
Pour honey all over my pain

We fed ourselves with lanky dreams
All buttermilk and rum
One step away from memory
A passion play turned numb

She balanced out on the tightrope
Her sights upon the truth
She never knew what hit her
And we never found the proof

Self-portraits done in bread and blood
The slipped, the almost-fallen
Nine thousand different voices strong
Made her their one true calling

She had no angels

Her passion was not well hidden
It burned thin beneath her skin
Finally in a web of milk and thunder
Dreaming her greatest sin

She dared to dance right on top
The world spinning so fast
And when she fell and tumbled off
The angels came at last

She had no angels

Nightmares bound in ribbon
Anchored to a dream
Float up from twilight slumber
Prayers against a scream

Foresaken by the tide of life
A fleshy tender boat
Took harbor in the Siren's call
She could not stay afloat
Took harbor in the Siren's call
She gave herself to hope

Wasteland of Love
Music and Lyrics, Jack Hastings

A rusted fragment, a burned-out hulk
Lying in a desert of ashes and smoke
Hot sun burning in an angry sky
There's nothing moving, there's nothing alive
This is where you left me with your cheap and easy heart
In the Wasteland, the Wasteland of Love

You left me standing on a dead-end street
Not a dime in my pocket, no shoes on my feet
You left me howling like a hungry dog
You cut me and you bled me and you dropped me like a rock
I tried to move you but you just wouldn't budge
From the Wasteland, the Wasteland of Love

Your love's a sickness that I can't endure
Your love's a disease that no doctor can cure
There's only one place that I can run
The Wasteland, the Wasteland of Love

Nobody likes to have a broken heart
You didn't break mine, you ripped it apart
You threw the pieces to the Four Winds of Hell
You took my soul and left an empty shell
I crawled for you baby, now I've had enough
Of the Wasteland, the Wasteland of Love

I thought you were an angel in pink chiffon
But you were just a devil with a new dress on
I thought you were my dreamboat but you sank without a trace
I thought I loved you, but it was just a phase
Crawled for you baby, now I've had enough
Of the Wasteland, Wasteland of Love

When the Kiss Becomes a Hiss
Music and Lyrics, William Fuller

Over and done with
You unplugged the phone
Bessie Smith on the record player
Another night alone

You tried to make things better
But they only got worse

You say you said a prayer for me
I swear it feels more like a curse

When the kiss becomes a hiss
When the scar becomes a wound
When the dream becomes a nightmare
When the room becomes a tomb
When the pain is never ending
When the hope is nowhere in sight
When the penance doesn't pay the piper
When the truth becomes a lie

You say the pain is relentless
You wonder how someone else would survive
It's never gonna stop, it's never gonna stop
You try to smile but all you do is cry

You think you're standing so solid
You're sliding, sliding
Sometimes you wonder why you even wanna try
You think you're standing so solid
You're sliding, sliding
You try to face each day by finding something strong inside.

Women of the World
Music, William Fuller
Lyrics, William Fuller and Stevi Hagan Schotter

I got knocked up out behind the bleachers
And he didn't even stop to pause
The son of a bitch just turned his back
And I thought I knew what love was
I gotta get out of Louisiana
I gotta find a doctor to stop my tears
I just didn't want his baby
But I didn't want to stay in jail for years

Women of the World

You shoulda seen the next one
He thought he was the king of cool
I tried to tell him what I thought and I felt
But I always ended up the fool
He said that I should be happy and to just shut up
A lot of other girls had it real rough
He told me "love it or leave it"
So I took his advice
I'd rather burn, burn, burn in India

Women of the World

Take the eyes of the men who see us
Through glares of physical desire
Take the hands of the men who keep us
In bondage in their unholy lives
When dominance and greed won't buy it
A little money usually will
You gotta use the dirty, dirty little women
Take the clean ones home and pay their bills

Women of the World

Rugs and Bones
Music, William Fuller and dRAW PiNKY
Lyrics, Viola Weinberg
© Viola Weinberg

When we were young and overblown
We built a house of rugs and bones

On the street of passion dreams
We made the walls of moans and steam

You played the ham, I rang your bones
On rafts of rugs and floors of stone

I'm the master, you're the slave
We have a child he makes us brave

We knew the moment he was alone
Deep in the wall of rugs and bones

And now we drive on roads of steel
To baseball games, hands on the wheel

Stolen bases, sliding home
With balls of rugs and bats of bone

Colors wept from hues to tones
The shade was made from rugs and bones

Soon we'll be old and full of air
With hair so white or head so bare

We'll weave the rugs from dreamy tales
Of men and girls and empty sails

Late at night, misunderstood
Bones white as light in tangled wood

I'll press my lips against your spine
We'll talk of love and speak of time

Think of all the lovely thrones
Where we stood fast with rugs and bones

Run from the Gun
Music and Lyrics, Jack Hastings

I got two hand wrapped around a rod of steel
Finger on the trigger, baby, like the way it feels
Better than a best friend, better than a wife
You better run from the gun, it's gonna take your life
I said run run run run run -- run from the gun

Bullet in the chamber, I got you in my sights
One little squeeze and out go the lights
Cupid's got his arrows, I got steel and lead
One kiss from this and BANG it's the end
You better run run run run run -- run from the gun

Huh Well Uh Cold blue steel never told me a lie
The gun only speaks when it says goodbye
I tried to love you but I aimed too high

I got a pistol in my pocket, I got blood on my hands
I got a gleam in my eye and I'm ready to dance
Straight through the bullseye, I never miss
Round and round and round and round for one last kiss
You better run run run run run -- run from the gun

Here Lies a Fool
Music and Lyrics, William Fuller

I can't believe it when you say those words
I can't believe it when you tell me it's over
I've been listening and Imust have heard
Enough of those lies to fill a book full of stories

But I open my eyes and wipe the tears with the truth
And I watch as you steal another heart
Then I open my ears and hear another excuse
As you turn around and tear me apart

I don't know if it's day or night
I walk the streets in a daze
I heard you say it was all just fine
Now you turn around and say you're trapped in a maze

You look so modern
I lived for you
Your life's so open
I cried for you

Now you tell me that you want to leave
You won't put on a show
First you said your heart was mine
Now you're telling me no

You say that our love is a game
And you can win it anytime
It's easy to win in a game
When you make all the rules

Just give me some earth
And a shovel to dig out
A hole six feet underground
And buy me a tombstone that reads
Here lies a fool
I don't believe it
Here lies a fool
I canb't believe it
Here lies a fool
I don't wanna leave her
Here lies a fool

Quit Acting
Music, Gary Sears 
Lyrics, Jim Beach

I knew from the moment
That the curtain went up
That you had trouble believing in your part
The cameras were rolling
The director shouted action
And you delivered your lines without any heart

I thought I'd done alright
During the first reading
You seemed to think I was right for the scene
The final act was changed
Somewhere in the rewrite
And I can't understand what those changes mean

Where does it say
That it's me who plays the fool's role
Where does it say
That in the credits of this show
I missed my lines
I was reading from the wrong script
Where does it say that?
I'd really like to know
Quit acting

We opened to a full house
Looked like we'd have a long run
But the reviews closed us down the next night
So was it the acting
That ruined a good story?
Or was the casting never really right?

Linda Likes Girls
Music, William Fuller 
Lyrics, Jane Hastings and William Fuller

She sits by the door
One ear to the floor
A girl can't be too careful these days

The walls have ears
They're likely to hear
A girl can't be too careful these days

Linda likes girls

Her hair's not short
She doesn't play sports
A girl can't be too careful these days

I've seen her in the hall
The way she looks at us all
A girl can't be too careful these days

Linda likes girls

Dad's tried to understand
He's even found a man
A girl can't be too careful these days

And here I stand waiting
To hell with male dating
A girl can't be too careful these days

Linda likes girls
Linda likes girls

Women in Bon-Bondage
Music, Linda Melvin and dRAW PiNKY 
Lyrics, Linda Melvin

Suzy has a red sweater, red sweater, fits her better
Since she's been on Nutra-Slim
Look at what good shape she's in
Got herself a new job, new life, new love
Wants her long and sleek and slim
Doesn't want a double chin

Ooooo, the lure of hot croissants
They look so elegant
With chocolate oozing out
She stuffs it in her mouth
(Bad girl, bad girl)
Women in Bon-bondage

Martha knew she wasn't thin
On diet pills since she was ten
When the pills just wouldn't do
She looked up dealers that she knew
Once seduced by their charms
She lined them up inside her arms
Found a way to subsidize
Slender arms and skinny thighs

Momma worried 'bout her girl
She stayed out every night
But damn, her ass is tight
(Bad girl, bad girl)
Women in Bon-Bondage

Martha's cruising Broadway in a spandex skirt
Suzy's found a new way to invent dessert
Sally's tryin' to squeeze into last year's coat
Suzy's got her fingers going down her throat

Hard lessons

Ooooooooo, Women in Bon-Bondage

Carla has a secret friend she visits every night at ten
Once the kids are under covers
Then she finds her secret lover's cool embrace
And starts to feed her face
On anything that she can find
From pizza sauce to melon rind

Carla falls down on her knees
Let porcelain appease
The torture in her soul
She know she's lost control
So she gets another bowl
(Bad girl, bad girl)
Women in Bon-Bondage

Three kids
Oooooooooo, Women in Bon-Bondage
I can't function without some liposuction
Oooooooooo, Women in Bon-Bondage
I can't fuck until I get a tuck
Oooooooooo, Women in Bon-Bondage
Oooooooooo, chili con car-carnage

It's a battlefield
The lines are drawn
Suzy can't quit until she gets her coat on

One Lung of Susan
Music, William Fuller 
Lyrics, Viola Weinberg

© Viola Weinberg

There's something sinewy about your eyes
The hollow anchors of your battered life
The force of your glance
My mind is in a trance

Narcotic. Hypnotic

One lung of Susan is better than none
One eye over the shoulder
One hand on the gun
One ear next to the trigger, one leg on the run

Narcotic. Hypnotic

Your tongue burns like a fuse
I can't control what you use
My mind's raging on fire
Your eyes burn with desire

Narcotic. Hypnotic

You took away the ticket to my past
Entire nights are spent with a groan and a gasp
I put my hands on your hips
You put your mouth to my lips

Narcotic. Hypnotic

Shatter the Faith
Music and Lyrics, William Fuller

Oh - can you feel it
A chill, a touch, a call

Oh - can you hear it
The bells of rapture ringing out

Poison and fire
Cries in the night
Laughing faces of hate

Unshackle the guilt
Raise up the arms
Never let 'em shatter the faith