The Projects


  Jawbone Division (FAWM 2016)  

  T H R E A D S (FAWM 2015)  

  Method of Loci (FAWM 2014)  

  Viper (FAWM 2013)  

  The Musicologist (FAWM 2012)  

  Absalom Road (FAWM 2011)  

The Background


L to R: W Fuller, G Sears, J Hastings, S Kimball (2015)

Willie de Sacra was formed in February of 2010 by William Fuller, Spencer Kimball and Gary Sears.  In 2011, Jack Hastings joined the lineup to contribute to Absalom Road. All are experienced and accomplished musicians, songwriters, composers and performers who have a collective history spanning [REDACTED] years.

Willie de Sacra


In alphabetical order:

  • William Fuller
  • Jack Hastings
  • Spencer Kimball
  • Gary Sears